Oliver De Sagazan


Monday, September 20, 2010

“The Surround”

First two monoprints

1)In the Studio:

First, I did two monoprints using multiple colors (water base ink). I wrote several quotes on them, but there was something not working for me. Then, I talked to Rebecca and she showed me how to do transfer prints which is another way to create monotypes but with more control, this allowed me to create the prints by writing. Essentially the words make the print. Right now I have 4 black transfer prints and I’m planning to make 6 or more and play with color. After finishing with the prints I’ll create a free standing sculpture, I’m not sure how it’s going to look yet. Everything seems to be just like panned. :)

Transfer prints - Close ups

Transfer prints

At least 90% of the time my dreams are related to my art practice. Recently, performance art has been grabbing my attention and I aim to create at least one performance this semester. I was thinking in performing inside a cage presenting myself as an “alien”. But in my most recent dream I was performing inside the cage wearing white clothes in front of Trabant. I can quite remember what I was doing inside the cage all I remember was being inside. For me this relates to the two pieces I’m creating right now. They are about finding ways to liberate my thoughts, findings ways to communicate to the viewer my concerns. They talk about how we as humans are afraid to communicate our thoughts and how we are essentially trap within ourselves. The visual element that has stuck with me was the white against the rusty cage. I see it as a dove trap in a cage. For me it also relates to a recent phrase I wrote -

“Freedom cannot be achieve due to the visible and invisible systems that shape our lives since the day we are born”

Sketch, before dream

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What is IT???

Marilyn Arsem - "Undertow"
Carla Trujillo- Dust Devil Assemblage

In my artistic practice I tend to address issues that concern me. I tend to think too much, but at the end I discard all my assumptions and theories. During this semester I want to be able to express my thoughts through the use of art, I want to find a way in which my words become visual representations that come together to create a piece that engages the viewers in multiple interactions in the same space. I want to create and experience, a memory or a simple reaction from the viewer. To accomplish this I am going to start by bringing all my thoughts together, by writing or printing them into a set of six large monoprints. Each monoprint will illustrate my feelings at the moment of the creation. Then, for each thought I will create a small sculptural piece and I will bring all the sculptural pieces together to create one solid piece. The final piece will be place in front of the monoprints.

The most resent artists that I have been looking at are; Carla Trujillo and Marilyn Arsem.

Carla Trujillo is a Mix media artist her work for me seems to be grotesque and beautiful at the same time, something that has always grabbed my attention. Sometimes I think of violence and destruction as something beautiful but painful and I think her piece combine those feelings and creates something beautiful for me. She illustrates the reality of life.


Marilyn Arsem is a performance artist, most of her performance pieces are not planned in advance rather they respond to the space. Performance art has grabbed my attention because half of the piece is the viewers’ reaction. I tend to look for the viewers’ reactions in all of my pieces this is why I want to create a performance piece this semester and see what it does for me.